Workshops and courses

All the courses and workshops listed here can be arranged for groups on demand. Keep your eyes up for announcements for open spots.

All the workshops can vary in length, personally i prefer them to last for several days, as each workshop has several subjects and each of them is viable for a whole workshop.

The voice and the drum as spiritual tools

This is a workshop where we explore both the voice and the drum as tools for spiritual growth. This is a non dogmatic approach, where you are given a set of tools to use for your own exploration of the spirit world. We will work on different techniques of drum journeying, free form song, overtone and vowel singing, mantras and ragas, and many other related subjects.

Spirit of the woods

This is a long lasting practical course that combines bushcraft and shamanism. The course will take place in the woods where we will explore the fantastic resources of nature and at the same time give it the respect it deserves. You will learn how to set ut a nice camp, to make fire, to gather food and make it palatable, to make tools you need and to take only what you need. The course has a very wide range of subjects.

  • Time frame: The course lasts from three days up to a week.
  • Next course: Spring 2017.

Shakti – Tantric primordial force

In this course we explore the complex world of tantra, with an explanation of the basic principles, techniques and ideas. What does the tantras tell us about Shakti – The Goddess and primordial force of the universe?

  • Next course: Unknown