disharmOrigami Disharmonika

This has been my solo project since the first release “underworld” in 2001, it was a free internet release, with images, text and music. I am now working on two new releases, “Kashika” and “Music for Dreaming”, and have been working on those projects for years now. Things take time, and I wish I had more of that precious time.

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Indian Classical Music

I have studied Indian classical music in Varanasi for three years and more to come. My teacher Ustad Faiyaz Ali Khan has given me knowledge and experience in the hight art of both raag and taal (melody and rhythm). Personally this amazing music style has given me so much when it comes to music in general. for many years I have searched for a teacher and a stye that suits me, this is it!

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Folket Bortafor Nordavinden

This project, started and run by Benny Braaten is an all acoustic primeval music band. We do concerts and shows, lectures on ancient music and instruments and much more.

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