Photos by Liv Mette Poverud

I have been telling stories for what feels like ages now, in the time of writing this (2015) for more than 20 years. It all started with table top role playing games in my youth, through those games I discovered my talents of both making and telling stories. Since then I have developed my own style of storytelling, through a lot of thinking, testing, practice and of course the most important part, by doing a huge amount of shows. The result being that storytelling is now my main profession.

My style reminds more about theatre than simply reading from a script, and I use a lot of improvisation to spice things up. When I tell a story I save no physical nor mental energy, my sessions are blasting full of power, bringing the story as well as the characters to life.

My audience is as varied as the stories i tell, every one from the youngest to the oldest are captivated by my story-telling-magic and I tell stories from all over the world, old as well as new. There is no limit to where and what, no limit to how and why.

See also my company web pages: Holberg scenekunst og media (Norwegian only)

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