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My interests are varied, and one of my greatest hobbies is to collect hobbies, to learn new stuff, to find new ways to express my inspiration, thoughts and what ever goes on in my strange mind. Of course some things are more important to me than others: Storytelling, music, writing, bushcraft, shamanism, tantra and many other arts. Yes, I am an artist by occupation, a tantric by heart and a shaman in spirit.

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Interesting that you can actually make a living as a storyteller in Oslo! That’s practically impossible here in the USA. There is a storytelling group in Massachusetts/USA, the link is on my blog, it is called Massmouth, they are all storytellers and quite an interesting group. Thanks for connecting to fairytalechannel.org and I hope to follow you remotely from Ann Arbor, Michigan!

  2. Hi Rapunzel!
    Thank you for your comment. Well, it has been a long way to actually make a living from it. More than 10 years of working for nothing but some travel money and food. I am actually planning on a post on exactly that subject, so I’ll give you some more insight to the hows and whys. It will be exiting to follow you on the fairytalechannel.org ! I’ll also check out that link, it is always good to see the doings of other storytellers.

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