Change is coming…

dollarWhat we are witnessing now is a symptom of need of change, though it is so sad to see that the change USA opted for is the destructive change that Trump will bring, rather than the change that Bernie Sanders would. The people of USA was tired of status quo, they wanted change and at the end of this election campaign they were left with Trump as the only possibility to change the system. What kind of changes this will bring to the citizens of US, and the world for that matter, remains to be seen…

You! Yes you, should be and do the change that you want for your future and for your future generations. Don’t sit in your comfy chair watching as the world crumbles around you. Your actions are paramount. Do not give into the illusions of conflict, aggression, hate, greed and powerlessness. To bring peace you will have to generate peace from within first. To truly experience the power of love, you must bring love to the world. Generosity is a path to true wealth, by sharing what we have we will never be in lack of anything. Generosity nullifies greed.

Change is inevitable, better steer it in the direction that brings joy and love into your and every one else’s life. It is time to brush up on some of the ideas that Mahatma Gandhiji gave us, and to take a close look at what the protectors of Standing Rock are doing: Non-violent resistance. Resistance with forgiveness and love as the main weapons. The protectors have understood that you can not fight for peace with weapons that harm or kill. Do not tolerate violence, discrimination, and inequality. Resist violence with non-violence. Resist discrimination with inclusion. Resist inequality by treating all beings as your own equal.

Yes, the votes cast at the US election 2016 will have consequences, but do not forget the vote that you cast every day, no matter where you are. The money you spend is also a vote. Who do you give money? Who do you buy goods and services from? The great big corporations that operates with great greed or the local merchants and farmers who has troubles getting through with what little they earn. Does your bank invest in unethical projects? Like so many banks do with DAPL. Do you buy goods with palm oil? Thus supporting an industry that is about to decimate rainforest and all its wildlife completely in some countries. Take a close look at where the money you spend will end up. Give it a good thought before the next time you go shopping. There are many ways to bump change into a more pleasant direction.

I wish you all peace, freedom and happiness


Music: Electric Love

Here is another electronic music track for you to enjoy!

The melody for this song was originally composed for an outdoor theatre play: Sverdet (The Sword). The play was about king Olav, a king that one thousand years ago set a goal to christianise the whole of Norway. His nick name was “the Holy”, but in my opinion someone who utilises violence and terror for any purpose, as he did is more unholy than anything. The story behind the composition goes as such: We were rehearsing a love sceene between the king, played by Kristoffer Hivju, now famous for his character ,Thormund, in the TV-series Game of Thrones, and his queen, played by Cici Henriksen. Suddenly the director stops and shouts out to the musicians: “It would be great with a tender kind of lovesong for this scene.” During the next break I composed this melody, much to my own amazement. This is probably one of the most beautiful melodies that has come from my heart.

Shamanism: Why anyone following a shamanistic path should study Bushcraft

The word bushcraft is a fairly modern one, but the craft has been with us since we were still apes climbing the canopy. Bushcraft is not the art of surviving in the wilderness, but rather how to thrive in it, with it and for it. It is the art of becoming one with your surroundings, knowing every plant, its qualities and uses, knowing every animal and living creature and knowing their places in the great whole. Knowing where and when to hunt and gather food, knowing how to make nifty tools with simple ones and what materials to use for every task needed. Bushcraft is using your senses to the fullest. Smelling when fruit and berries are ripe for the picking or whether you have found the right mushroom. Seeing those tiny clues that reveals the path a deer has walked. Listening and knowing the song of birds, knowing if their song is a warning or if they are calling for a mate. Feeling with your hands in murky water to find clams or to even catch a fish. Tasting plants to learn their qualities as for or medicine. Do you now see a connection between bushcraft and shamanism? Most of the knowledge, both bushcraft and shamanism comes from tribal peoples, living that very life. For them there are no differences between shamanism and bushcraft, they are both parts of the same set of knowledge. In our modern society you can happily learn bushcraft while ignoring shamanism, but you can not study shamanism without learning some bushcraft. Continue reading

Upcoming Events 2016

Yet another summer-tour coming up and this year as every year I’ll be going wide and far. Mostly I’ll be doing shows, both as storyteller and as musician, in the re-enactment scene of Norway, but there are some other events on the list too. As the last couple of years I am going to team up with Benny Braaten, together we call our selves “Folket bortafor nordavinden” or “The People Beyond The Northern Winds”, playing music from ancient to modern times. My stories this year will be as always, full of energy and humor.

Some special events and workshops are to be announced at a later time.

Shamanism: How did our ancestors find the properties of plants?

FlowerThe general answer you’ll get if you ask people is that it was probably through trial and error or just sheer luck. But this is a very unlikely theory. It would probably take millions of years to find all those plants that cured every kind of illness. Most likely humanity would have given up as soon as they saw that this experimentation killed more people than it healed. Our ancestors had a very different view of the natural world, their relationship with nature was as intimate as a child to her mother. Their senses were sharper and their knowledge and memory vast, compared to those who now rely on money for food and google instead of memory. They would have the knowledge of every smell and taste of each plant and the effect they have on the human mind and body. They would recognise the qualities of a newly discovered plant by comparing its qualities with what they already knew of other plants. But this does not explain how they found specific medical properties of plants in the first place. One simple answer may be that they gained this knowledge through shamanistic techniques, by journeying and communicating with the spirits of the plants the shaman can discover the properties of plants. As they most probably had a much stronger connection to the spiritworld, the world where all organisms and all things can communicate.

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Shamanism: The spirit of the Raven

Corvus_corax_(NPS)Yes, the ravens are speaking to me as of late, a lot. It feels like I have one raven sitting on each shoulder at all times. So, what are the qualities of the raven as a spirit animal? Every culture and tradition has its own views on what a spirit animal means, does and what powers it possesses. Some cultures view the raven as a bad omen, an omen of death, while others as wisdom, cunning and intelligence. What is real then? Let us take a quick look into some qualities of the raven.

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