Music: Electric Love

Here is another electronic music track for you to enjoy!

The melody for this song was originally composed for an outdoor theatre play: Sverdet (The Sword). The play was about king Olav, a king that one thousand years ago set a goal to christianise the whole of Norway. His nick name was “the Holy”, but in my opinion someone who utilises violence and terror for any purpose, as he did is more unholy than anything. The story behind the composition goes as such: We were rehearsing a love sceene between the king, played by Kristoffer Hivju, now famous for his character ,Thormund, in the TV-series Game of Thrones, and his queen, played by Cici Henriksen. Suddenly the director stops and shouts out to the musicians: “It would be great with a tender kind of lovesong for this scene.” During the next break I composed this melody, much to my own amazement. This is probably one of the most beautiful melodies that has come from my heart.

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