Story: The fearless hero

So you think you are the fearless one, invincible. You are nothing but a fool!

There once was a hero. His youngest years he spent in a huge garden playing and fighting with wooden swords. He and his elder brother was always on to new adventures, hiding in bushes and far corners of the garden.

But as with all tales of heroes, peace became war and childhood became manhood. His father was powerful enough to be a prime target of their vicious enemies and was killed the first day of the war. His big brother was killed shortly after, trying to defend him, his mother and the house. His mother carried him away, while he was still waving his wooden sword furiously. It was on this day he swore to revenge his brother and fathers deaths, he threw away his wooden sword and picked up one made of steel. But he was still far to young, so he could not rush in, killing every one, like the barbarians in the old tales his father used to tell him. He started to prepare, training hard and gathering equipment. A few years later his mother died of a disease, leaving him all alone at an age of 12. Alone but determined he slowly built his strength and at an age of 16 he already had men under his command and all they wanted was to overthrow those who had killed their families and now ruled their land, houses, beds and even their women.

Slowly he learned the arts of combat and leadership. Our hero turned out to be a good leader, strategic, skilled with a blade and renown for his accurate and fast tongue. But the mix of wisdom, power and revenge is a very dangerous one. The greatest danger is when wounds of the past are ripped open and revenge fules the darkness within. Blinded would not be the right description, because he could see it all very clearly. It was his heart that was hurting the most and he did not care to heal the pain. His experience was that love brings only fear of loosing the ones you love, so instead of trying to find love again, he cast love aside and became fearless.

After many years of hard work he had gathered an army large enough to bring down his enemies. They marched to take back what was rightfully theirs, he sought those responsible for his father and brothers death and killed them. But this gave him no peace in heart, for it was now empty. What was he to do with an empty house and a large garden when there was no father or mother to ask for advice, no brother to play with. No one to love, nothing to fear. Not even an urge for revenge. It is here the real story begins, but I am not going to tell that story, for it is much to sad.

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