Story: Crow becomes an advisor

In the deep forest, Owl was the one to give advice to all the other creatures. All night Owl replied to questions on life and how to live it, in return for some food. Crow was jealous of Owl’s high status and decided to give advice him self. Crow proclaimed to all creatures that while Owl was giving advice at night he would be giving advice by day. And many of them came to tell Crow about their troubles and ask for solutions. Mouse asked about how to solve a family issue, Squirrel asked for new places to store his nuts and seeds, Sparrow asked for tips on new places to build her nest, and so forth. But Crow was not as wise as Owl and the advice he gave turned out to be catastrophic. Mouse ended up in a fight with his family and was forced to leave them. Squirrel almost starved to death later that winter, because Crow ate all the nuts and seeds. Sparrow lost her eggs as Cat easily found her nest. The creatures complained and asked Owl for advice. Owl answered: “It is quite simple, do not listen to what Crow have to say. What ever is coming out of his mouth, just pretend that all he is saying is: Kra, Kra”. The creatures listened to Owls advice and the forest became calm as before. But one day Crow came flying through the forest, screaming and crying out loudly: “The forest is on fire, help your selves and your young ones!”. The other creatures did as Owl had suggested and what they heard form Crows mouth was: “Kra, Kra, Krrraa!”. They were all consumed by the fire.

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