Updates: Starting (almost) fresh

I have deleted a lot of old posts, mostly those written in Norwegian and those belonging my other sites. The plan is to start fresh, or almost fresh, and to include some more of my interests namely those of a more spiritual matter: Tantra and Shamanism.

There has been a shift of mode, mind and feelings since this summer and this has given me a true and fulfilling spiritual re-awakening. For too long I have been, well, lazy and somewhat disconnected with my spiritual life, compared to how I have been in other stages of my life. I’m not saying I’ve been spiritually dead, for that would be a grave lie, but more half asleep, slumbering, awakening now and then, just to slumber some more. Now I’ve been wide awake since mid-summer and I have no need to even shut my eyes for a moment. Since the re-awakening I have founded a new tantric zonule (circle of tantricas working together), written an introduction book for tantra and started one on shamanism.

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