Story: Scared rabbit

Once Rabbit were grassing on the plains, Fox spotted him. Fox first used his magnificent ability to sneak, he was right behind Rabbit with the wind to his face and made a leap to catch Rabbit with his paws and jaw. But Rabbit was so much quicker than Fox, at the same moment Rabbit saw movement from the corner of his eye he jumped to the side and fled towards his hole. The chase was on, Fox right behind Rabbit and Rabbit jumping from side to side, all the way to Rabbit’s hole. Fox was too big to fit in to that hole, for he had eaten all the local farmers Chickens, so he almost got his head stuck. Fox was not that hungry, so he walked off to take a nap, while Rabbit was so scared that he crept down to the inner most part of his hole and stayed there for a very long time. In fact Rabbit was so scared that he dared not go to even see if Fox was by the hole. Days went and Fox found other animals to chase, but no one ever saw Rabbit any where, for he had starved to death, to scared to even listen to his body’s cry for food.