Story: Scared rabbit v 2.0

Once Rabbit were grassing on the plains and enjoying the fresh grass of the spring. Rabbit had no worries and was so happy that he had managed to get to the other side of the fence where the grass truly was greener. Chewing the tasty grass, his thoughts wandered to think of all the female rabbits he was soon to conquer. Fox was happy to, for he had managed to break into the local farmers chicken roost a few days earlier and now he had a huge storage of delicious food, spring was such a good time of the year. Fox was wandering alongside the fence, actually just to find a good spot to rest, and spotted Rabbit. Fox thought to himself: “Well, my storage is full and so is my stomach, but the winter has been hard, why not indulge in a small rabbit meal as well?” Fox first used his magnificent ability to sneak, and when he was right behind Rabbit, with the wind to his face, he made a leap to catch Rabbit with his paws and jaw. At the same moment Rabbit saw movement from the corner of his eye, his thoughtstream was broken and he jumped to the side and fled towards his hole. The chase was on, Fox leaping towards Rabbit and Rabbit jumping from side to side. Now and then Rabbit could hear and feel Fox’s breath on his back and every time he increased his speed, all the way to Rabbit’s hole.  Rabbit leapt in to his hole, but Fox was too big to fit into it, for he had eaten so many of the local farmers chickens and he almost got his head stuck, luckily he managed to pull his head out and since Fox was not that hungry and a bit tired after the chase,  he walked off to take a nap. Rabbit was so scared that he crept down to the inner most part of his hole and tried to dig deeper while breathing rapidly and shivering with fear. In fact Rabbit was so scared that he dared not go to even see if Fox was by the hole. Days went and Fox found other animals to chase, but no one ever saw Rabbit anywhere, for he had starved to death, to scared to even listen to his body’s cry for food.