With or without a destiny – Forewords

Illustration by Disha Iris Lundberg.

This is an ongoing story. I will post one chapter at a time and make up the story along the way. I actually have no idea of what is going to happen next in the story, though I have some ideas for the ending.

When writing like this I might have to change previous posts so the story does not have huge holes or conflicting story lines. Some times parts might even be moved from one chapter to another. This is an important part of the process, that might confuse a few readers, but that is necessary for the completion of the whole story. I will try and comment in each chapter if I make big changes, that will hopefully help you a bit. If it confuses you too much I suggest you wait until the story is proclaimed finished.

My first goal is to finish the story after 10 or less chapters, I’m giving myself this limit to make sure I don’t take off on endless description, but cuts right to the chase. But if the story demands it I will write more (or less).

You are all free to comment each chapter and to make suggestions for the story line. I can not promise you that I will use these suggestions.

All the chapters will be listed here and can be found through the ..destiny category. First part can be found here: part 1 – home sweet misery