Blogs and podcasts on storytelling?

I have been searching the internet for good blogs and podcasts that discuss the subjects of storytelling and stories. But the web is so webby and this makes it hard to find the real pearls. I have found a few sites, forums and blogs that are good resources, but still I would like to find more of them. I would like to read blogs with material, new stories and discussions on the art of storytelling. I want to share experiences and learn from the variety of styles. But that meant I need to find those sites with that particular information. Do you have any good links to share? Specially I am interested in podcasts where stories are told and ideas are discussed..

Here is a list of what I got so far..

Blogs and Podcasts

The Fairy Tale Cupboard

Fairy Tale Channel

Diamonds and Toads

Ikke slik, men slik (Norwegian)


The Art of Storytelling Show

Other sites, forums, portals


The international Storytelling School

Crick Crack Club

Society For Storytelling

Tim Sheppard’s Storytelling Resoruces for Storytellers

Professional Storyteller

2 thoughts on “Blogs and podcasts on storytelling?

  1. Well Gustav

    I am humbled that you placed two of my projects on your list – I am very impressed with your blog. I would like to make a suggestion. Take your working list and pick the top ten sites and then pick pages on those sites that really draw your attention and link to those pages on your sidebar of this blog. A blog I might add that is very good.

    This will form two purposes – first it will cause many of these sites to link or at least talk about your work. Secondly Google will identify you as like and it will cause your site to rise in relative search rankings.


    Eric Wolf
    Producer and Host of the Art of Storytelling Show

    PS: You might want to add to your list.

  2. Thank you for your comments, compliments and tips Brother Wolf!
    I will most definitively link to those sites, that was part of the plan all along. It has not been easy to even make the initial list of sites, as there are so many other kinds of sites that uses the same words. But it seems that I am slowly finding those rare and valuable sites.


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