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I got an invite for google wave to use it for a PlaneShift project. This gave me a chance to test this hyped new google feature. At first i was sceptic, did not get any good overview of the whole thing, but after seeing it in use i also see the potential it has for working on projects.

A wave is like a document that any of the participants of that wave can edit and comment, and all in real time. If someone else on the project is working on one section of the document, you’ll see the edits as they are typed. A wave can contain text, images, video or sound. My guess it that there will be lots of add-ons

When the waves are piling up you will always have google search and you can sort the waves in folders. If a wave is updated it automatically appears in your inbox, wich makes it easy to keep track of them.

What i like the least is the standard size of the text box where you edit and read the waves. It is way to small, specially if you are working on large documents. Any way it would be smart to split up very large projects in to several waves, that link to each other. But this can quickly get messy and it will be hard to keep an overview unless you are very good at putting referral links everywhere. And if linkin to other waves was as easy as linking to another article in mediawiki, that would help a great deal!

All in all google wave is absolutely something i would like to use for my projects. Best of all would be if it replaced email, facebook and all those other web sites and web apps you have to keep track of.

Since google wave is still in a preview version you have to get invited to try it out. Some features are not ready yet, and yes there are bugs creeping around.

Anyway.. the first one who comments to this post will get an invite!

Or you could sign up for one here

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  3. Yes, you can quote my post in your blog, as long as you link to it. My twitter account is “ghozm”. Since you are the first (human) to reply would you like to have a google wave invitation?

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