Story: Askeladden beiler solen og månens datter

Det var en gang i fornminnes tider at Solen og Månen, jordens konge og dronning, skulle gifte bort sin datter, Håp. Det var mange som ville beile, men alle som gjorde det kom løpende ut av slottet, bleke som lik og med redselen bunnet fast i deres hjerter. Som om ikke det var nok lot Solen og Månen det bli skåret tre remser hud av ryggen på dem og som deretter ble smørt inn med både salt, pepper, chili og masse annet godt krydder, deretter ble de dyppet i tjære, fjær og en eller annen desert. Continue reading

Story: The fearless hero

So you think you are the fearless one, invincible. You are nothing but a fool!

There once was a hero. His youngest years he spent in a huge garden playing and fighting with wooden swords. He and his elder brother was always on to new adventures, hiding in bushes and far corners of the garden.

But as with all tales of heroes, peace became war and childhood became manhood. His father was powerful enough to be a prime target of their vicious enemies and was killed the first day of the war. His big brother was killed shortly after, trying to defend him, his mother and the house. His mother carried him away, while he was still waving his wooden sword furiously. It was on this day he swore to revenge his brother and fathers deaths, he threw away his wooden sword and picked up one made of steel. But he was still far to young, so he could not rush in, killing every one, like the barbarians in the old tales his father used to tell him. He started to prepare, training hard and gathering equipment. A few years later his mother died of a disease, leaving him all alone at an age of 12. Alone but determined he slowly built his strength and at an age of 16 he already had men under his command and all they wanted was to overthrow those who had killed their families and now ruled their land, houses, beds and even their women. Continue reading

Story: No king without advisors

There once was a king in a far distant land. He was courageous, honest and wise. As long as this king ruled, peace prevailed. His greatest army was one of merchants, travelling to all neighbouring countries and even the neighbours of the neighbours. They traded gold and precious stones, rich foods and spices, the finest of fabrics and much more. But this peace was not meant to last, for the king had only one child to take over the throne. This child, a boy, was nothing like his father. He did not care for the land nor the people, he did not honour wisdom and never took responsibility for his own actions. The king was in great despair, he found no one who could help his son become a leader. Advisors and wise women were summoned, but none had the answers. No one could put and end to the prince’s greed and selfishness. The king became old and his days were numbered. The last thing he ever said was: “I ask my people to rise up against the throne, for it will be better for my people and my immortal soul if the new king is taken down from the throne, with violence if necessary, than to suffer the ignorance and selfishness of my son and heir!” Continue reading

Story: Crow becomes an advisor

In the deep forest, Owl was the one to give advice to all the other creatures. All night Owl replied to questions on life and how to live it, in return for some food. Crow was jealous of Owl’s high status and decided to give advice him self. Crow proclaimed to all creatures that while Owl was giving advice at night he would be giving advice by day. And many of them came to tell Crow about their troubles and ask for solutions. Mouse asked about how to solve a family issue, Squirrel asked for new places to store his nuts and seeds, Sparrow asked for tips on new places to build her nest, and so forth. But Crow was not as wise as Owl and the advice he gave turned out to be catastrophic. Mouse ended up in a fight with his family and was forced to leave them. Squirrel almost starved to death later that winter, because Crow ate all the nuts and seeds. Sparrow lost her eggs as Cat easily found her nest. The creatures complained and asked Owl for advice. Owl answered: “It is quite simple, do not listen to what Crow have to say. What ever is coming out of his mouth, just pretend that all he is saying is: Kra, Kra”. The creatures listened to Owls advice and the forest became calm as before. But one day Crow came flying through the forest, screaming and crying out loudly: “The forest is on fire, help your selves and your young ones!”. The other creatures did as Owl had suggested and what they heard form Crows mouth was: “Kra, Kra, Krrraa!”. They were all consumed by the fire.

Story: With or without a destiny, part 1 – Home sweet misery

She was born under a lucky star on a lucky day, even the hour was a lucky one, at least that is what her village elders were chittering and chattering about every time she walked by. Well, if her destiny was to be an idiot-village-girl in an idiot-village, she was on the fast track to fulfil her destiny.  Aniyata, as all other girls and boys in the village, got up by the sounds of the cock and first glimpses of the sun. She milked cows and fed chickens, milled grains and stacked hay, picked fruit and spread dung in the fields, all until evening came and the bed seemed soft even while being made of wood with a few strands of hay. She could just not see the great destiny in all this, for she had heard the tales of great heroes, also said to have great destinies. They had swords and armour, fighting monsters and evil kings, they were handsome, wealthy and the blood in their veins was blue like the sky. She had a thin stick to chase the chickens and goats, the only monsters she faced was in her own mind, the closest she came to an evil king would be her own father nagging about how slow she did her duties, she was covered in mud every day, so she could not see if she was beautiful or not and her blood was red like the rose, for she had seen it many times. Continue reading

With or without a destiny – Forewords

Illustration by Disha Iris Lundberg.

This is an ongoing story. I will post one chapter at a time and make up the story along the way. I actually have no idea of what is going to happen next in the story, though I have some ideas for the ending.

When writing like this I might have to change previous posts so the story does not have huge holes or conflicting story lines. Some times parts might even be moved from one chapter to another. This is an important part of the process, that might confuse a few readers, but that is necessary for the completion of the whole story. I will try and comment in each chapter if I make big changes, that will hopefully help you a bit. If it confuses you too much I suggest you wait until the story is proclaimed finished.

My first goal is to finish the story after 10 or less chapters, I’m giving myself this limit to make sure I don’t take off on endless description, but cuts right to the chase. But if the story demands it I will write more (or less).

You are all free to comment each chapter and to make suggestions for the story line. I can not promise you that I will use these suggestions.

All the chapters will be listed here and can be found through the ..destiny category. First part can be found here: part 1 – home sweet misery


Story: Scared rabbit v 2.0

Once Rabbit were grassing on the plains and enjoying the fresh grass of the spring. Rabbit had no worries and was so happy that he had managed to get to the other side of the fence where the grass truly was greener. Chewing the tasty grass, his thoughts wandered to think of all the female rabbits he was soon to conquer. Fox was happy to, for he had managed to break into the local farmers chicken roost a few days earlier and now he had a huge storage of delicious food, spring was such a good time of the year. Fox was wandering alongside the fence, actually just to find a good spot to rest, and spotted Rabbit. Fox thought to himself: “Well, my storage is full and so is my stomach, but the winter has been hard, why not indulge in a small rabbit meal as well?” Fox first used his magnificent ability to sneak, and when he was right behind Rabbit, with the wind to his face, he made a leap to catch Rabbit with his paws and jaw. At the same moment Rabbit saw movement from the corner of his eye, his thoughtstream was broken and he jumped to the side and fled towards his hole. The chase was on, Fox leaping towards Rabbit and Rabbit jumping from side to side. Now and then Rabbit could hear and feel Fox’s breath on his back and every time he increased his speed, all the way to Rabbit’s hole.  Rabbit leapt in to his hole, but Fox was too big to fit into it, for he had eaten so many of the local farmers chickens and he almost got his head stuck, luckily he managed to pull his head out and since Fox was not that hungry and a bit tired after the chase,  he walked off to take a nap. Rabbit was so scared that he crept down to the inner most part of his hole and tried to dig deeper while breathing rapidly and shivering with fear. In fact Rabbit was so scared that he dared not go to even see if Fox was by the hole. Days went and Fox found other animals to chase, but no one ever saw Rabbit anywhere, for he had starved to death, to scared to even listen to his body’s cry for food.