Change is coming…

dollarWhat we are witnessing now is a symptom of need of change, though it is so sad to see that the change USA opted for is the destructive change that Trump will bring, rather than the change that Bernie Sanders would. The people of USA was tired of status quo, they wanted change and at the end of this election campaign they were left with Trump as the only possibility to change the system. What kind of changes this will bring to the citizens of US, and the world for that matter, remains to be seen…

You! Yes you, should be and do the change that you want for your future and for your future generations. Don’t sit in your comfy chair watching as the world crumbles around you. Your actions are paramount. Do not give into the illusions of conflict, aggression, hate, greed and powerlessness. To bring peace you will have to generate peace from within first. To truly experience the power of love, you must bring love to the world. Generosity is a path to true wealth, by sharing what we have we will never be in lack of anything. Generosity nullifies greed.

Change is inevitable, better steer it in the direction that brings joy and love into your and every one else’s life. It is time to brush up on some of the ideas that Mahatma Gandhiji gave us, and to take a close look at what the protectors of Standing Rock are doing: Non-violent resistance. Resistance with forgiveness and love as the main weapons. The protectors have understood that you can not fight for peace with weapons that harm or kill. Do not tolerate violence, discrimination, and inequality. Resist violence with non-violence. Resist discrimination with inclusion. Resist inequality by treating all beings as your own equal.

Yes, the votes cast at the US election 2016 will have consequences, but do not forget the vote that you cast every day, no matter where you are. The money you spend is also a vote. Who do you give money? Who do you buy goods and services from? The great big corporations that operates with great greed or the local merchants and farmers who has troubles getting through with what little they earn. Does your bank invest in unethical projects? Like so many banks do with DAPL. Do you buy goods with palm oil? Thus supporting an industry that is about to decimate rainforest and all its wildlife completely in some countries. Take a close look at where the money you spend will end up. Give it a good thought before the next time you go shopping. There are many ways to bump change into a more pleasant direction.

I wish you all peace, freedom and happiness


Political rant: Argh, they are doing it again..

For ten years the Hausmania has been a place for aspiring artists in Oslo. Offering cheap rooms for any kinds of art, ranging from music to painting and scupture. The place has been run by volunteers since the building was occupied ten years ago. Now the city council of oslo have decided to throw them out on the street. This is not the first time that the devil of city planning Bård Folke Fredriksen is trying to make life hard for poor artist in the capital of Norway. In year 2000 he tried to sell off all the buildings where alternative artist had their workplaces. He said that these buildings did not generate enough income. but we fought a hard and long political battle and saved atleast some of the buildings. When will this capitalist monster ever leave us  poor artist alone?

I remember back then, Bård Folke Fredriksen lost when the city council were voting on the petition to throw out all the artist and sell the buildings. We were there at the meting, he saw us. The next day my band Ehwaz was hired to open the 1000 years celebration festival, and guess who was there, giving a speach on how the multitude of culture in Oslo made it possible to make a festival like this..? Yes, it was the devils council member him self. This man is a danger to culture and art in Oslo!

When it comes to Hausmania, they have been struggling for their survival since the beginning. They have made deals with the city council and have got permission to stay. But now the beast of right wing politics wants to build Student apartments.. Well, a good idea to build those, but can you not find an other place for those apartments? or is it something else behind all this. My theory is that Bård Folke Fredriksen hates art and artist. To him they are filthy and non productive and by that shall be condemned to do their art on the streets. May be he got denied a place in art school, like an other famous monster? and then he entered politicts to get his revenge?

Oslo already spend next to nothing to help young and aspiring artist, there are no places for us to do our arts. Every time someone tries to set up a place, Bård “Trillebård” Folke Fredriksen comes to tear the place down. It seems that artists in Oslo have to struggle so much to keep their places, that they do not have time do do any art. What to do?