Shamanism: How did our ancestors find the properties of plants?

FlowerThe general answer you’ll get if you ask people is that it was probably through trial and error or just sheer luck. But this is a very unlikely theory. It would probably take millions of years to find all those plants that cured every kind of illness. Most likely humanity would have given up as soon as they saw that this experimentation killed more people than it healed. Our ancestors had a very different view of the natural world, their relationship with nature was as intimate as a child to her mother. Their senses were sharper and their knowledge and memory vast, compared to those who now rely on money for food and google instead of memory. They would have the knowledge of every smell and taste of each plant and the effect they have on the human mind and body. They would recognise the qualities of a newly discovered plant by comparing its qualities with what they already knew of other plants. But this does not explain how they found specific medical properties of plants in the first place. One simple answer may be that they gained this knowledge through shamanistic techniques, by journeying and communicating with the spirits of the plants the shaman can discover the properties of plants. As they most probably had a much stronger connection to the spiritworld, the world where all organisms and all things can communicate.

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Shamanism: The spirit of the Raven

Corvus_corax_(NPS)Yes, the ravens are speaking to me as of late, a lot. It feels like I have one raven sitting on each shoulder at all times. So, what are the qualities of the raven as a spirit animal? Every culture and tradition has its own views on what a spirit animal means, does and what powers it possesses. Some cultures view the raven as a bad omen, an omen of death, while others as wisdom, cunning and intelligence. What is real then? Let us take a quick look into some qualities of the raven.

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Story: Askeladden beiler solen og månens datter

Det var en gang i fornminnes tider at Solen og Månen, jordens konge og dronning, skulle gifte bort sin datter, Håp. Det var mange som ville beile, men alle som gjorde det kom løpende ut av slottet, bleke som lik og med redselen bunnet fast i deres hjerter. Som om ikke det var nok lot Solen og Månen det bli skåret tre remser hud av ryggen på dem og som deretter ble smørt inn med både salt, pepper, chili og masse annet godt krydder, deretter ble de dyppet i tjære, fjær og en eller annen desert. Continue reading